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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

November 2019

Peter Dedon, M.D., Ph.D.
NIEHS grantees win prestigious award to study human gut microbes

The National Institutes of Health award could lead to better treatments for problems such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Botanical supplements in glass jars
Botanical supplements Q and A coming Nov. 8

Experts on health effects research of botanical dietary supplements will field questions from the public on social media.

Jill Escher, J.D. at the podium speaking to attendees
Toxicants can affect sperm and eggs, pose risks for offspring

Two experts visited NIEHS to discuss how reproductive cells' exposure to harmful agents can lead to health problems in later generations.

David and Linda Birnbaum
Birnbaum celebrated with honors and fond farewells

The last day of retiring director Linda Birnbaum was celebrated with music, tributes, and — not to be left out — data.

Video Slideshow
Birnbaum presenting in front of audience
With a little help from its friends, NIEHS updates congressional staff

Two briefings provided key information about the institute's work related to children's environmental health and harmful algal blooms.

cow drinking water at a well
Human health linked to animals, environment, say experts

That interconnection — called One Health — was the focus of a recent conference in Durham, North Carolina.

Jonathan Rosen speaks at Keystone Science Lecture Seminar Series
Worker Training Program tackles opioid misuse and addiction

A new initiative is aimed at improving prevention and treatment efforts, and removing stigma.

Stephanie Kim, Ph.D.
Chemicals alter fat cells, disrupt healthy metabolism

Stephanie Kim, winner of the 2018 Wetterhahn Award, spoke about her research into how chemicals influence the development of fat cells.

Cynthia Rider, Ph.D.
Environmental, chemical, and social stressors can be a dangerous mix

The annual meeting of the North Carolina Society of Toxicology focused on how the interplay of those factors can affect humans.

Emily Reinke, Ph.D., Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., Warren Casey, Ph.D., Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
Experts debate challenges of tissue chips, machine learning

Advancing new nonanimal testing technologies will require guidance from regulators on best uses.

Madeleine Scammell, D.Sc.
Grantees share history and research through video series

The series explains how New Bedford Harbor became contaminated, research to understand health effects, and how community groups are helping.

Marissa Sobolewski, Ph.D.
Endocrine disruptors and male vulnerability to behavioral disorders

Marissa Sobolewski, Ph.D., says some chemicals can raise early-life testosterone levels in males, increasing risk of disorders such as ADHD.

Rick Woychik, Ph.D., NIEHS Acting Director
NIEHS kicks off Combined Federal Campaign with tailgate dip contest

The program raises millions each year for charities across the country.



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