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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

February 2019

Farmer repairing equipment used to apply pesticides
High pesticide exposure linked to loss of smell

A study of farmers linked high pesticide exposure, such as during spills, to later losing the sense of smell. Quick clean up may lower risk.

Darlene Dixon, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Black History Month observed at NIEHS, NIH

The National Institutes of Health honors NIEHS researcher and mentor Darlene Dixon, and 14 other black scientists.

Freshwater zebrafish
Improving tests for developmental neurotoxicity

NTP-led collection of papers evaluated cell-based models, zebrafish, and other approaches for rapid screening of thousands of chemicals.

Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
SOT honors computational, nonanimal testing pioneer

Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D., and others were honored for their work toward replacing animals in toxicity testing.

Map where a student documented her daily exposure to high levels of air pollution on her bus ride to school
Los Angeles youths take on air monitoring

Los Angeles students in communities of color record air quality on their daily routes and create story maps of their experiences in this innovative project.

Friends of NIEHS meeting participants
Friends of NIEHS discuss hot topics with Birnbaum

The NIEHS and NTP director shared updates on NIEHS scientific advances and answered questions about topics such as BPA and climate change.

Child with asthma
Epigenetic marks on DNA may signal asthma risk

The researchers hope the findings may help identify newborns at risk of asthma and shed light on how the disease begins and develops.

NIEHS Senior Medical Advisor Aubrey Miller, M.D.
Miller honored as fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini

Aubrey Miller was selected to join the international occupational and environmental health academy.

A family fishing on a dock
Fish consumption advisories that work

Kathleen Gray discussed how to make fish advisories that sport, subsistence, and recreational fishermen can understand.


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