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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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June 2019

NIEHS seeks new Editor-in-Chief for science journal

The part-time position allows flexibility for the individual to remain at their institution.

NIEHS seeks a scientific leader in the field of environmental health research to serve as the next editor in chief (editor) of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), a monthly online scholarly journal of environmental health research and news. The position involves a four-year, part-time commitment.

With support from NIEHS, EHP publishes high-quality original research, reviews, and commentaries on all established and emerging disciplines that examine the relationship between the environment and human health.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for an environmental health scientist, from either the federal or nonfederal sectors,” said Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., director of NIEHS and the National Toxicology Program. “Unlike the past, the new format for the position adds the flexibility for the individual to choose to remain at their current institution and continue their research while providing strategic leadership for one of the premier journals in a rapidly evolving field.”

Editorial independence

The editor has editorial independence to provide the high level, strategic direction, and leadership necessary to sustain and enhance EHP’s high standards and stature in the environmental health research community, consistent with the mission and vision of NIEHS.

The editor will be accountable to NIEHS leadership and the broader scientific community for ensuring content is of high integrity, advances the state of environmental health knowledge, and promotes translation of knowledge into environmental health action. The individual will determine the journal’s scope and types of articles published, while ensuring the relevance, scientific quality, and balance of all content across the broad field of environmental health sciences.

The position also involves representing the journal to the global environmental health sciences community at large through strategic outreach activities, speaking engagements, and editorials.

With consultation and support from professional operational and scientific editing teams, the editor will oversee peer-reviewed policies and practices to ensure an efficient and high-quality review process. This includes recruiting and evaluating volunteer associate editors and Editorial Review Board members.


NIEHS encourages exceptionally qualified candidates, in either the academic or federal sectors, to apply for this position, which will involve a commitment of four years and up to 50% part time. Candidates will have the option to maintain their competitive research program and physically remain at their home institution while fulfilling the duties of the position.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree in a field of biological or health sciences or a related scientific discipline, along with experience conducting original research related to environmental health sciences.

Appropriate compensation will be negotiated with the candidate. The successful candidate is subject to a background investigation and public financial disclosure requirements.

NIEHS, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services are Equal Opportunity Employers and encourage applications from women and minorities.


Starting June 4, applications will be accepted on a continuous basis until the position is filled. Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, bibliography, and full contact details for three references.

In addition, applicants are asked to include a vision statement for the journal that specifically includes their view on the scientific scope of the journal, the efficient management and timelines for manuscript processing and peer review, and how to best engage and manage associate editors.

Send application materials and any specific questions regarding recruitment to EICsearch@nih.gov.

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