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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

June 2019

Jenny Collins, RIVER program coordinator
RIVER grants support innovative researchers

Six scientists who conduct transformative research received grants in this second year of the NIEHS program.

Weston Porter, Ph.D.
Time of day plays role in exposure response

Circadian rhythms influence a body's response to chemical exposures and should be considered in toxicity studies, says Weston Porter.

Raja Jothi, Ph.D., NIEHS
Molecular maps track embryo development

Study unveils mechanisms the regulate human embryonic development and how environmental exposures may affect the process.

young girl holding a puppy
Info on lung health, other topics updated on public website

New content on pet allergens, smoking and vaping, asthma, pollen, and dust mites and cockroaches available on NIEHS website.

Allen Wilcox, M.D., Ph.D.
Wilcox joins ranks as NIEHS Emeritus

Allen Wilcox, retiring in June, was awarded Emeritus Investigator status in recognition of his discoveries in fertility and pregnancy.

Francesco DeMayo, Ph.D.
Shedding light on the genetic causes of lung cancer

When an NIEHS-led team disrupted a stress response pathway in mice, lung squamous cell carcinoma developed, suggesting a treatment target.

Cynthia Rider, Ph.D. and Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
The National Toxicology Program converges on cancer

Hundreds of participants weighed in on how chemicals, especially in mixtures, connect with key characteristics and hallmarks of cancer.

Francis Collins, M.D, Ph.D., NIH Director
NIH Director’s Awards recognize service, initiative, collaboration

The work of NIEHS was recognized in seven of Francis Collins' annual awards

NIEHS poster day presenters
NIEHS postbacs earn honors at NIH poster day

A record number of NIEHS postbaccalaureate fellows traveled to Bethesda, Maryland to present their work at Postbac Poster Day.

Jill Riddell
K.C. Donnelly Awards go to NIEHS Superfund trainees

SRP announces two recipients of its annual award for trainees to conduct research beyond their institution, commemorating K.C. Donnelly.

Scott Williams, Ph.D., NIEHS researcher
Genomics Day notes progress in fast-moving field

The annual symposium updated NIEHS researchers on genomics, epigenomics, and bioinformatic capabilities of core labs at the institute.

Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE)
New website tool helps replace animal tests

Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE) resource simplifies searches and provides tools to help develop nonanimal chemical safety tests.

Eric Papp speaking in front of workshop attendees
Administrative professionals gain tips for sustained effectiveness

On Administrative Professionals Day, NIEHS offered a workshop on ways to spend more time on fulfilling tasks and less on frustrating ones.

Video Slideshow
Bill Steinmetz
Ninth year of Green Champion awards for NIEHS

NIEHS wins recognition for energy and water savings, innovative training, and as part of larger green lab efforts.

Captivated child learns about ocean acidification
Kids get inspired by parents’ work

On Bring Your Kids to Work Day, children and grandchildren learned about environmental health research through hands-on activities.

Paul Johnson and Diane Spencer, NTP
Species preservation, education mark Earth Day

The endangered red wolf, sustainable products, and environmental education were among the highlights of Earth Week at NIEHS.



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