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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

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July 2019

Gary Miller speaking
Artificial intelligence needs high-quality data to deliver on promise

AI may revolutionize environmental epidemiology, exposure and toxicity assessment, and other studies, with careful attention to data quality.

Paul Doetsch, Ph.D., NIEHS Deputy Scientific Director
Aging and cell stress harm DNA in similar ways

Mutational signatures could serve as biomarkers for exposure to environmental oxidants or increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

participants from 2019 NIEHS Scholars Connect Program
NIEHS connects young scholars in research boot camp

Laboratory skills training, literature searches, and briefings that ranged from ethics to experimental design filled the scholars' first three days.

Benita Katzenellenbogen speaking at the podium
Hormone receptor scientists tag-team for Distinguished Lecture

Katzenellenbogens delivered joint talk on breast cancer and hormone signaling.

Screenshot of giant viruses tupanvirus
Giant ocean viruses make unique, important enzymes

Cytochrome P450 enzymes play crucial roles in animals, so discovering previously unknown forms of them opens up new possibilities.

Ashlee Fitch at the podium
Stress and addiction addressed by Worker Training Program

Workplace stress, substance use, and addiction were the primary topics for the 2019 Worker Training Program workshop.

Molly Kelly speaking in the microphone
Arsenic may interfere with pregnancy and children’s health

Molly Kile studies pregnant women and their children in Bangladesh to learn about noncancer effects of arsenic exposure.

Ericka Reid speaking at the podium
Symposium empowers women of color in their research careers

The North Carolina Women of Color Research Network provides support for women scientists from underrepresented groups.

Katherine Groff, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Fruitful partnerships advance alternatives to animal testing

The annual ICCVAM Public Forum brought together animal welfare groups, federal and industry scientists, and other stakeholders.

Robert London, Ph.D.
Robert London celebrates upcoming retirement with symposium

London's former trainees and past collaborators gathered for a day of scientific talks that commemorated his career.



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