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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

November 2021

Karletta Chief, Ph.D.
Karletta Chief named director of new Indigenous Resilience Center

NIEHS grantee integrates environmental health science and social science in outreach programs with Native American communities.

Daniel Shaughnessy, Ph.D.
Experts explore how environment affects key cell functions

NIEHS workshop focused on how toxicants can interact with vesicles that enable communication among cells, providing early signs of disease.

Tiffany Sanchez, Ph.D.
Arsenic, uranium mix may increase diabetes risk in American Indians

Analyzing how toxic metals interact to affect metabolism, NIEHS-funded researchers find that co-exposures may pave way for disease.

Roman Gerard and David Rice
Hispanic heritage, disability inclusion featured in NIEHS talks

Diversity Speaker Series tackled Hispanic workforce equity and removing social, professional barriers for individuals with disabilities.

Sara Amolegbe
Scientists design risk communication strategies to improve health

At NIEHS Superfund Research Program event, hundreds learned about tailoring public messages related to environmental risk.

Nick Herkert, Ph.D.
Health policy changes in Germany informed by trainee research

Identification of previously undetected sources of polychlorinated biphenyls, often called PCBs, leads to protections for communities.

Tania Baker, Ph.D.
Molecular motors determine fate of proteins

Tania Baker, Ph.D., described her efforts to characterize specialized proteins called AAA+ ATPases, which unfold and remodel other proteins.

Sharon Beard
Worker health, safety benefit from strategic partnerships, experts say

Hazardous material, disaster response training initiatives — and lessons learned — highlighted at NIEHS Worker Training Program meeting.

Kerri Hartung
NIEHS first among federal agencies to earn Net-zero Energy–REC designation

Increasing energy efficiency, generating renewable electricity onsite, and purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) led to the recognition.

Jacob Kresovich, Ph.D.
Diet holds key to slowing biological aging, researchers say

Healthy diet may lower women's risk of age-related diseases and mortality, according to NIEHS scientists who analyzed Sister Study data.

Alexandra White, Ph.D.
Increasing evidence links air pollution with breast cancer

NIEHS epidemiologist Alexandra White, Ph.D., conducts research with potential for significant public health impact.

NIEHS Awards Ceremony
Outstanding achievement, effort by NIEHS staff honored during ceremony

Scientific accomplishments, staff dedication, and perseverance during COVID-19 pandemic celebrated at institute's annual event.

tribal symbolism depicting gut microbiome populated by diverse bacteria
Artist uses tribal symbolism, traditions to communicate science

NIEHS Superfund Research Program scientists work with local painter to share findings, public health messages with Native Americans.

Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D.
Agencies advised on reducing animal testing, embracing alternatives

Experts at federal meeting stressed importance of human relevance and clear communication.

Ciro Amato, Ph.D.
NIEHS postdoc earns top honor for talk at prestigious conference

Ciro Amato, Ph.D., described his research related to hypospadias — a common male birth defect — at international symposium.


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