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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

June 2022

Wildfire cleanup in Almeda, Oregon
Climate change impacts on workers, communities addressed at workshop

Experts shared their perspectives on climate change and worker health during the NIEHS Worker Training Program spring workshop.

Marissa Baker, Ph.D.
Webinar explores sailors’ mental health during COVID, how pollutants can affect the microbiome

Event showcased work of early-career scientists affiliated with NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers.

Bradley Moore, Ph.D.
Harmful algal bloom predictions can advance with genetic findings

NIEHS grantees find genes that produce a mostly unmonitored neurotoxin in freshwater systems.

Melanie Jeske, Ph.D.
Theranos fraud case offers new way of thinking about scientific ethics

At NIEHS event, Melanie Jeske, Ph.D., said it is not 'bad apples' but rather the sidelining of ethics that can pave the way for violations.

community forum panelists
Precision health, environmental justice focus of community forums

The NIEHS Director and Deputy Director shared information on gene-environment interactions, anti-racism in biomedical research, and more.

Aaron Bernstein, M.D.
Extreme heat health interventions top of mind for pediatric physician

Precision medicine can be advanced by patient-centered climate resiliency strategies, says climate change and human health expert.

Dale Sandler, Ph.D.
GuLF Study describes inhalation, dermal exposures for all oil cleanup job roles

A model for large-scale industrial hygiene efforts, the study provides insight for oil spill cleanup managers seeking to protect workers.

Eric Miska, Ph.D.
Understanding RNA structure could reveal how viruses interact in cells

New methods for studying viruses and how they function were described by Eric Miska, Ph.D., during his May 10 NIEHS Distinguished Lecture.

Discovery Lake
Hikers at Discovery Lake, on NIEHS campus, aided by new virtual guide

New signage and a corresponding web-based tour highlight notable plants and animals as well as idyllic spots to stop for contemplation.


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