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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

August 2022

Amy Arnsten, Ph.D.
Links between pandemic stress, brain circuitry explored during lecture

Renowned neuroscientist Amy Arnsten, Ph.D., delivered the 2022 NIEHS Martin Rodbell Lecture.

Symielle Gaston, Ph.D.
NIEHS trainees shine at annual NIH-wide research competition

Scientific merit, research originality recognized as NIEHS racks up second-highest number of top abstracts.

Plastic waste on fire
Burning plastic can affect air quality, public health

Researchers discuss implementation projects and tools used to examine contaminants, and how they work to reduce exposures.

Sherice Simpson
NIEHS trainee finds her calling as a physician-researcher

Sherice Simpson, a medical student, gains valuable career experience in biomedical research at NIEHS through NIH-wide program.

Pauli Murray
Civil rights champion Pauli Murray celebrated during NIEHS lecture

The lawyer, poet, and priest sparked positive social change in North Carolina and across the country.

Ashley Phoenix (top left), Sharonda Lovett (top right) and Kiran Kelly-Rajan (bottom)
Interns explain their research — in three minutes or less

They participated in the NIEHS 'Big Picture, Small Talk' competition in July.

John Groopman, Ph.D.
Fleshing out a fungal toxin’s role in liver cancer

NIEHS grantee John Groopman, Ph.D., studies the biological effects of aflatoxin, a potent carcinogen, with the goal of disease prevention.

Hilary Hahn
Improving mental well-being, workplace health, and climate resilience

NIEHS staff, collaborators, and other experts shared opportunities and obstacles during two-day workshop held by Yale's Elevate Policy Lab.


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