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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

November 2023

Skand Shekhar, M.D.
AI, machine learning can help diagnose polycystic ovary syndrome

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools improve diagnosis of a criteria-based hormone disorder often under- and misdiagnosed.

From left, Kelly Ferguson, Ph.D., Chandra Jackson, Ph.D., and Shanshan Zhao, Ph.D.
Three NIEHS scientists earned tenure in 2023

Learn more about the newly tenured scientists and the research they conduct at NIEHS.

Dori Germolec, Ph.D., left, joined  Anika Dzierlenga, Ph.D., right
Toxicologists discuss PFAS, air pollution, and vulnerable communities

NIEHS scientists led the North Carolina Society of Toxicology annual meeting and fostered collaborations to address toxicants, disparities.

Illustration of human body with organs labeled
Risk for female reproductive cancer may increase after early-life exposure to endocrine-disrupting substances

NIEHS study of laboratory mice found that neonatal exposure to a synthetic estrogen affected key cellular processes and paved the way for endometrial cancer.

Sue Fenton, Ph.D.
Fenton to lead NC State Center for Human Health and the Environment

Sue Fenton, Ph.D., began directing the NIEHS-funded center in October and plans to recruit young investigators, build bridges.

Robby Robinson II, seated, with a coworker
"All of Us" tour bus stops at NIEHS

Strong interest, 53 fully enrolled in All of Us Research Program to demonstrate power of participating in health research.

Anant Parekh, D.Phil.
New research suggests common high blood pressure drug is safe

Hypertension drug, amlodipine, is not associated with increased heart failure or other cardiovascular disorders, according to researchers.

The green-engineered barrier cream could add an additional layer of protection against BTX for people affected by floodwaters.
Skin cream may protect against floodwater contaminants

The green-engineered cream may reduce skin absorption of chemicals such as benzene, toluene, and xylene found in floodwaters.

Patricia Sauceda Kramer
Hispanic Heritage Month recognized by NIEHS

Gender-inclusive language can reduce minority stress, according to NIEHS Diversity Speaker Series lecturer, Patricia Sauceda Kramer.

This year’s meeting of SACATM was the first held in person since 2019. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw / NIEHS)
Future challenges in reducing animal testing assessed by panel

Experts said communication is key to acceptance of nonanimal chemical safety testing to predict how PFAS, contaminants affect human health.

Demetrio Sierra-Mercado, Ph.D.
Glyphosate increases anxiety-like behaviors in rat model, expert says

Demetrio Sierra-Mercado, Ph.D., shared research indicating glyphosate may affect gut bacteria, and the gut-brain connection in rats.


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