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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

May 2023

Stavros Garantziotis, M.D.
Personalized treatment will help people with asthma breathe easier

Stavros Garantziotis, M.D., explains how understanding the lung microbiome reduces environment-induced asthma, aids in personalized medicine.

Tamarra James-Todd, Ph.D.
Reducing phthalates in beauty products may lower health risks, disparities

Limiting exposure to products containing endocrine-disrupting chemicals may decrease likelihood of preterm birth and breast cancer.

Funding Facts
5 things to know when applying for new funding to improve report-back

Responsibly returning environmental health results to research participants is the focus of a new $3.1 million funding opportunity.

Bevin Engelward, Sc.D.
New technologies connect environmental exposures to DNA damage, cancer

Keystone Science Lecturer Bevin Engelward, Sc.D., described models and screening tests she developed to explain how exposures affect DNA stability.

NIEHS volunteers, left to right: Justin Kosak, Steve Novak, Mia Pearson, Bill Steinmetz, Jason Locey, Nicole Popovich, Paul Johnson, Amy Papaneri, Myra Westmoreland, and Kerri Hartung (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw / NIEHS)
NIEHS celebrates Earth Day with Green awards and community events

Dozens of NIEHS staff members were recognized for efforts to improve sustainability on campus as in-person Earth Day activities resumed.

Joanna Wysocka, Ph.D.
Gene expression shapes how our faces are formed

Joanna Wysocka, Ph.D., discussed how changes in gene function underpin human development and disease at annual Rodbell Lecture.

NIEHS postbaccalaureate fellows (left to right) Joshua Lewis, Jared Glorius, Elvis Quiroz, Molly Rogers, and Oindrila Paul
Postbac trainees showcase research in annual communication challenge

‘Big Picture, Small Talk’ challenges postbaccalaureate fellows to communicate complex science in plain language in three minutes or less.

Mark Shen, Ph.D.
Brain scans yield insights into autism, other developmental disabilities

During World Autism Month, NIEHS hosted a guest lecture by Mark Shen, Ph.D., an expert on brain imaging and autism from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Shivani Ayyagari, left, and Kyra Varley
Awardees announced for NIEHS Scholars Connect Program

Honorees, including outstanding scholars Shivani Ayyagari and Kyra Varley, shared lessons learned from their time in the NIEHS research training program.

Kevin Lane, Ph.D.
Modeling of ultrafine particles highlights potential exposure effects

NIEHS grantee Kevin Lane, Ph.D., uses geospatial analysis to inform community-level health policies related to traffic and air pollution.


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