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Environmental Factor

Environmental Factor

Your Online Source for NIEHS News

April 2024

Suril Mehta, Dr.P.H.
Scientific Journeys: Actionable research to chemical safety policy

Suril Mehta, Dr.P.H., described his path from epidemiology to NIEHS and serving as a White House Senior Advisor for Chemical Safety.

Teachers participated in a hands-on activity to determine hypothetical polygenic risk scores by sorting colored pompoms and tallying the different shades.
Local teachers expand genetics knowledge through NIEHS workshop

K-12 educators gathered at NIEHS for a professional development workshop designed to address changes to North Carolina standards in teaching biology.

Fred Tyson, Ph.D.
Sequencing RNA and its modifications will chart a new era for biology

NIEHS joins with NHGRI and the Warren Alpert Foundation to fund new consensus study report that can improve public health and other areas of science.

Margaret Eggers, Ph.D.
NIEHS Partnerships for Environmental Public Health reinvigorates network

Community engagement experts gathered at annual meeting to share strategies and opportunities for engaging diverse teams in public health.

From left, Ginna Doss, Yu-Ying Chen, Ph.D., and Uchechukwu Chimeh
Fellows challenged to enhance science communication skills

Three NIEHS fellows win awards for effectively communicating environmental health research to a general audience in just three minutes.

graphic of small globe, butterfly and tree on palm
NIEHS News in Brief

Earth Day and World Autism Month, Women in Science, Director’s lecture, and Codeathon.


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